Afridi, Maham

Afridi, Maham

Courses: Biochemistry & Microbiology

    Ms. Maham Afridi joined Quaid E Azam University as a research scholar in 2017, Before that she served in Core lab of National University Science and Technology Islamabad. She also served in Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in their department of Immunology, where her major roles were the detection of antibodies and other immunology tests, genetic counselling etc.  

    Ms. Maham has full command on Genotyping of human genes, Risk assessment of genetic disorders, Diagnostic tests (TyphiDot, ELISA, Allergy tests), HPLC, PCR, Immunohistochemistry, Cell and tissue staining, Bacterial culturing, Cell culturing, DNA extraction, SDS PAGE, Gel Electrophoresis, Spectrophotometry.

    Ms. Maham was awarded by Pak China Business forum in Recognition for poster presentation.  Currently, she is working as a research assistant for the HEC project in NUST.

    Medical Lectures