About Us

The vision behind sqadia.com is very simple. To provide medical video lectures based on internationally recognised syllabus used by universities all over the world. And realisation of the vision we have created a global video learning (V-Learning™) with focus on high quality and a very easy user interface.

sqadia.com is driven by a professional and young spirit. Our team of young people have been students themselves not long time ago and therefore they a good understanding of what students need and in which way.

We have not only all our focus on making medical video lectures, but also strive to make them upper best in sound and quality of picture.

A lot of people ask, why we do not include other things as well like chat boxes, quizzes etc. We will definitely introduce these things being part of sqadia.com in future - but right now we want to focus on what is most important for us.

Professional video recording of medical lectures covering the entire syllabus.

Our very important assets is our educators, whom all are active educators and have passion for teaching. At sqadia.com we believe that it is not a guarantee that you are a great educator just because that you are a professor or with a vast experience. We focus on educators with a high teaching value and who are able to grab attention of students.

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