Medical Education Video Clips clips provide an opportunity for students to understand the difficult concepts through a variety of ways.

sqaDia120 - A whole topic covered in just two minutes. The educator is usually visible throughout the video with animations playing on one side. 

sqaNimations - Short videos that provide an answer to one question (2-3 minutes). Preferably made on VideoScribe with a Black background with voiceover. 

sqaToons - Very short animations, focused more on pathways, etc. (2-5 minutes).

Crash Courses - A short version of 45-60 minutes lectures.

Exam Tips Videos are of 2 types: 

  • VS- Series: Comparison of two similar medical terms or similar diseases.  Each disease on either side, with educator in the middle. 
  • Q & A Series: Common and important questions about a topic, from an examination point of view. 

Quick Notes can be:

  • Quick Overview: of a larger topic. Divided into loads of smaller bites and giving important points of each topic. e.g. Ocular Infections (Could be educator + voiceover). 
  • Essentials:  Focusing on one aspect of a topic. E.g. Receptors in Immunity (Could be educator + voiceover).