The world can be ruled by microscopic organisms that are so little that human eyes cannot even see them.

Yes, we have observed that with the Corona Virus in 2019. The entire world was shut down by a small virus. - That is power, right?

If you believe that humans are in control of the world, you should reconsider. Microorganisms, where the majority of them even lack a true nucleus like those in human cells, rule the planet.

Microbiology, one of the most fascinating branches of biology, focuses on this vast group of living organisms.

Microbiology is useful in a wide range of areas.

Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases are challenging areas to work in due to tremendous advances in medical knowledge, the discovery of new pathogens, emerging infections, new resistance to antibacterial agents, and laboratory techniques.

Microbiology is not particularly simple to teach online in comparison to many other courses.

There is no denying, however, that medical students can benefit greatly from the use of online learning materials to facilitate active learning.

By offering more effective and flexible teaching, online learning is an efficient way to address educational needs.

We have observed at COVID-19 Epidemics that access to online learning resources has grown in importance for learning new knowledge, particularly in a time of physical distance.

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