Alpha Proteobacteria


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Alpha Proteobacteria
Data 2fimages 2foghlbcijr6qau4qrokgf 181219 s1 afridi maham characteristics and morphology
Characteristics and Morphology
Data 2fimages 2f85qhgiujsqvqods4estw 181219 s2 afridi maham rickettsia
Data 2fimages 2fp1khq9jasbmvvtaet1zd 181219 s3 afridi maham caulobacteraceae and hyphomicrobiaceae
Caulobacteraceae and Hyphomicrobiaceae
Data 2fimages 2fcbpzeh2hqfk8plqhkifg 181219 s4 afridi maham order rhizobiales
Order Rhizobiales
Data 2fimages 2fzsr4okbtmi34ytzo3vxv 181219 s5 afridi maham nitrifying bacteria
Nitrifying Bacteria

Lecture´s Description

At first, aerobic anoxygenic photosynthesis is discussed. After that, evolution of rickettsia is pursued. Then moves to the life cycle of Caulobacter Crescentus. This is followed by elucidation of C1 compound as a carbon and energy source. Concluding comments are given on contributors in the nitrogen cycle.

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