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Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

In this lecture ´´ Antimicrobial Chemotherapy ´´ is explained. Section one is about “ Chemotherapy “. The educator begins the lecture by explaining the development of chemotherapy. The discussion is followed by the general characteristics of antimicrobial drugs. Later in this section, the mode of action of these antimicrobials is elaborated.

Classification of Common Antibiotics
Section two is about ‘’ Classification of Common Antibiotics “. The educator explains the antibiotics which inhibit the cell wall and protein synthesis. After that, nucleic acid synthesis inhibition and cell membrane disruption through antibiotics, is discussed. In the end, the properties of antimetabolites are discussed in detail.

Inhibitors of Cell Wall and Protein Synthesis
Section three is about ‘‘Inhibitors of Cell Wall and Protein Synthesis’. In the start of this section, the mode of action of these antibiotics are discussed. The educator further elaborates these antibiotics by discussing the examples of  Penicillin, Vancomycin and Cephalosporins. In the end of this section, the mode of action of Aminoglycolides, Tetracyclines and Macrolides is explained.

Metabolic Antagonists and Nucleic Acid Synthesis Inhibition
Section four is about ‘Metabolic Antagonists and Nucleic Acid Synthesis Inhibition ’’. In the beginning the educator talks about the mechanism of action of these antibiotics. Sulfa drugs and Trimethoprim are discussed in the later part of this section. Furthermore, the nucleic acid synthesis inhibition and quinolones are explained at the end.                                                             

Antifungal and Antiprotozoan Drugs
Section five is about ‘Antifungal and Antiprotozoan Drugs. The last section explains the classification of antifungal drugs, in the start. The educator then moves the discussion to antiprotozoal drugs and the protozoans of medical importance. Malarial treatment is also elaborated in this section. This lecture ends by discussing the factors affecting antimicrobial drug effectiveness.

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