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Data 2fimages 2femwheczdt9ebjzc7fh9y 181222 s0 farooq maheen aortic regurgitation intro
Aortic Regurgitation
Data 2fimages 2ffjenphwkqjqfwnuhx01x 181222 s1 farooq maheen aortic valve
Aortic Valve
Data 2fimages 2fdu8qwrptzukvrzvbedso 181222 s2 farooq maheen pathology and risk factors
Pathology and Risk Factors
Data 2fimages 2fv47frbntqcqnpxpcgzcc 181222 s3 farooq maheen etiology and pathogenesis
Etiology and Pathogenesis
Data 2fimages 2f79t32q2scm471ln7qzuj 181222 s4 farooq maheen clinical features
Clinical Features
Data 2fimages 2fas84ggiuq4aa9hcmqc8t 181222 s5 farooq maheen diagnosis and management
Diagnosis and Management

Lecture´s Description

Initially, educator talks about normal physiology of aortic valve. Then, pathological features of aortic regurgitation are presented. Moreover, complications are discussed. Next, signs and symptoms are elucidated. Lastly, information is delivered on how to carry out its diagnosis.

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