BacterialTranscription and Translation


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Data 2fimages 2fyazsw1xzqo6yo9f4wrjs 190307 s0 arfeen zain bacterial transcription and translation intro
Bacterial Transcription and Translation
Data 2fimages 2f7r6lerxgtbejvakzjome 190307 s1 arfeen zain regulation of transcription elongation
Regulation of Transcription Elongation
Data 2fimages 2f0gefn3m2rvqhmitj0rlc 190307 s2 arfeen zain mechanism of attenuation
Mechanism of Attenuation
Data 2fimages 2ff1fhzxerusmrkzfzvjbv 190307 s3 arfeen zain transcription regulation through riboswitches
Transcription Regulation Through Riboswitches
Data 2fimages 2fl8gmeqsyq8alkiendt9r 190307 s4 arfeen zain regulation of translation
Regulation of Translation

Lecture´s Description

If you want to learn all about bacterial transcription and translation, here is the precise option we have for you. This medical video lecture demonstrates about these process in-detail. Initially, transcription elongation, Trp operon along with the components and mechanism of attenuation have been explained. Moreover, termination and antitermination and histidine operon attenuation has also been elaborated. Towards the end, riboswitches, T box mechanism alongside thiamine biosynthetic riboswitch and antisense RNAs has been shed light upon.   

Regulation of Transcription Elongation

In the beginning, transcription process occurring in bacteria has been put forward. Primarily, dual regulation of Trp operon has also been delineated. Additionally, the attenuation of Trp operon has been discussed. Moreover, attenuate transcription, Trp operon leader and small potion of TrpL has been shed light upon. In the end, components required for attenuation has been elaborated.

Mechanism of Attenuation

Initially, stabilized Trp leader mRNA has been explained. Antitermination has also been extensively highlighted. Following this, the process of termination and the usefulness of attenuation of E coli has been brought under discussion. Conclusively, histidine operon attenuation has been presented.

Transcription Regulation Through Riboswitches

In the commencement, riboswitches (ribosome behaviour independent) has been conversed about. Moreover, riboswitch of riboflavin operon along with the T-box structure and mechanism has been brought under consideration. Antisense RNAs in E.coliby riboswitches has also been talked about in-detail.

Regulation of Translation

Types of riboswitches and translational riboswitch has been comprehensively elucidated. Subsequently, thiamine biosynthetic riboswitch and regulation of translation by small RNA molecules has been highlighted. Additionally, antisense RNAs in E. coli has been explained. Towards the end, regulation of OmpF porin protein along with regulation of gene expression by small regulatory RNAs.

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