Beta, Delta and Epsilon-Proteobacteria


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Beta, Delta and Epsilon-Proteobacteria
Data 2fimages 2fefelzxjxsasnlgxaojtx 181226 s1 afridi maham class betaproteobacteria
Class Betaproteobacteria
Data 2fimages 2fkrumg06rax9fjfoe0p8q 181226 s2 afridi maham order nitrosomonadales
Order Nitrosomonadales
Data 2fimages 2fa3gssuwrsug1if329ent 181226 s3 afridi maham class deltaproteobacteria
Class Deltaproteobacteria
Data 2fimages 2fd5mw0aooqrabd9oyzxlg 181226 s4 afridi maham order bdellovibrionales
Order Bdellovibrionales
Data 2fimages 2flgv15i3otn6l3gdmbbod 181226 s5 afridi maham class epsilonproteobacteria
Class Epsilonproteobacteria

Lecture´s Description

Educator initiated the lecture by introducing order Neisseriales and order Burkholderiales. After that metabolism of Thiobacillus species is explained.

Then order Desulfuromonales is comprehensively discussed. Furthermore, myxobacterial life cycle is demonstrated. Lastly, genus helicobacter is described.

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