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Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism and CSF

Cerebral Blood Flow
In this lecture ´´Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism and CSF´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´Cerebral Blood Flow´´. After introducing cerebral blood flow, educator discusses normal rate of cerebral blood flow. Then regulation of cerebral blood flow is pursued. The discussion continues on excesses of CO2, H+ conc increase cerebral blood flow. Furthermore, importance of cerebral blood flow control by CO2 and H+ is explained. Subsequently, oxygen deficiency as a regulator of cerebral blood flow is pursued. Lastly, substances released from astrocytes are reported.

Cerebral Microcirculation
Section two is about ‘’Cerebral Microcirculation’’. In the beginning, measurement of cerebral blood flow & effect of brain activity are thoroughly discussed. After that cerebral blood flow autoregulation comes under consideration. Then role of the SNS in controlling cerebral blood flow is reported. Next focus is the elucidation of Cerebral Microcirculation. At last, important structural characteristic of brain capillaries are pursued.

Cerebrospinal Fluid System
Section three is about ‘’Cerebrospinal Fluid System’’. This section is started by explaining CSF system. Then location of CSF is illustrated. Following this cushioning function of the cerebrospinal fluid is discussed. Moreover, formation and circulation of CSF is highlighted. Afterwards, pathway of CSF flow is exhibited. Likewise, absorption of CSF is discussed. Then educator gives information about secretion by the choroid plexus. In the end, absorption of CSF through the arachnoidal villi is elaborated.

Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure
Section four is about ‘’Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure’’. At first educator tells what cerebrospinal fluid pressure is. After that information is delivered on regulation of cerebrospinal fluid pressure. Then measurement of cerebrospinal fluid pressure is discussed. Subsequently, obstruction to flow of cerebrospinal fluid comes under consideration. Moving onward, educator comprehensively explains blood-cerebrospinal fluid and blood-brain barriers. In the end, brain metabolism is highlighted.

Brain Metabolism
Section five is about ‘’Brain Metabolism’’. Educator's prime focus is the elucidation of total brain metabolic rate and metabolic rate of neurons. After that special requirement of the brain for oxygen are discussed. Energy source is discussed later on.

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