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Chest Radiography
Data 2fimages 2faguikrnqet3okawbrtwr 181203 s1 farooq maheen overview
Data 2fimages 2fmxfi32futusfob8qeciq 181203 s2 farooq maheen procedure
Data 2fimages 2fzxt0lelvqpmjvqv9ewwu 181203 s3 farooq maheen normal chest radiograph
Normal Chest Radiograph
Data 2fimages 2flpko91brqcggd0ya6mln 181203 s4 farooq maheen heart and lungs
Heart and Lungs
Data 2fimages 2ffwwomokhsvobqo3vg87i 181203 s5 farooq maheen abnormal findings
Abnormal Findings

Lecture´s Description

In this lecture ´´Chest Radiography´´ is explained. Section one is about ‘‘Overview’’. Educator starts this section by explaining what is a radiograph? Then tells that different tissues in body absorb x-rays at different extents. Following this, chest radiograph is elaborated. Furthermore, its significance, indications, and contraindications are discussed.

Section two is about ''Procedure''. In the beginning, information about patient position is given. Educator tells that commonly it is done in standing position. In addition to this, duration to carry out procedure is focused. Moreover, safety consideration is highlighted.

Normal Chest Radiograph
Section three is about ''Normal Chest Radiograph''. Primarily, the most common views are explained. This is followed by elaboration of posteroanterior (PA) view, anteroposterior view, and lateral view. Furthermore, film quality of chest radiograph is discussed. Then comparative illustration of PA vs AP views is given. Moving onward, inspiration vs expiration is presented. Afterwards, educator sheds light on penetration/exposure. Alongside, rotation is discussed. In the end, pitfalls to chest x-ray interpretation are given.

Heart and Lungs
Section four is about ''Heart and Lungs''. The first subject of discussion is lungs. Educator thoroughly explains lungs through pictorial illustration. Moreover, lobes of lungs are also elaborated. Next, heart comes under consideration. The explanation of costo-phrenic/cardiophrenic angles and cardiothoracic ratio is also highlighted. Lastly, soft tissue and bony structures are pursued.

Abnormal Findings
Section five is about ''Abnormal Findings''. First of all, abnormal chest x-ray is described. After that, educator moves towards the pictorial explanation of pneumothorax, pleural effusion, lung mass, metastatic lung cancer, tuberculosis, consolidation, and atelectasis. Similarly, discussion on heart begins and congestive heart failure, cardiomegaly, and TOF are focused.

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