Cholinergic Agonist


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Cholinergic Agonist
Data 2fimages 2flszpfqb5rtolcwfhuyrp 181224 s1 afzal sidra cholinergic transmission
Cholinergic Transmission
Data 2fimages 2fr9hobyxys4a9rrcatkhs 181224 s2 afzal sidra cholinergic drugs
Cholinergic Drugs
Data 2fimages 2foplbcrlzrqhex533j1at 181224 s3 afzal sidra direct acting drugs
Direct Acting Drugs
Data 2fimages 2floa7i8udrwlefl964njg 181224 s4 afzal sidra indirect acting drugs
Indirect Acting Drugs
Data 2fimages 2fynlef58crog9xzfwjkq6 181224 s5 afzal sidra neostigmine and echothiophate
Neostigmine and Echothiophate

Lecture´s Description

Initially, educator sheds light on cholinergic receptors. Next, classification of cholinergic agonists is presented. After that, therapeutic applications of bethanechol, carbachol, and pilocarpine are reported. This is followed by action of edrophonium-indirect acting drug. At the end, information about echothiophate is revealed.

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