Cholinoceptor Blocking Drugs


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Cholinoceptor Blocking Drugs
Data 2fimages 2for3pwyps0mhhf8rghjaq 181227 s1 afzal sidra general pharmacology
General Pharmacology
Data 2fimages 2fltunnnl2qjwxkeq8pg8w 181227 s2 afzal sidra clinical pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology
Data 2fimages 2f2txqmg2dsdwls2f5w5qb 181227 s3 afzal sidra therapeutic use
Therapeutic Use
Data 2fimages 2fiuazdvpdsoa9a5lesmea 181227 s4 afzal sidra ganglion blocking drug
Ganglion-Blocking Drugs

Lecture´s Description

Educator primarily discusses the metabolism and excretion of cholinoceptor blocking drugs. After that, information is delivered that how low and high doses affects various organs.

Then, its therapeutic use is pursued in different disorders. Lastly, effect of ganglion-blocking drugs on organ system is highlighted.

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