Chronic Coronary Artery Disease

Medicine, Cardiology

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Chronic Coronary Artery Disease
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Coronary Arteries
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Coronary Artery Disease
Data 2fimages 2fbltrmtnztokdvmxhkvqh 181231 s3 farooq maheen risk factors and complications
Risk Factors and Complications
Data 2fimages 2fykmje9ssnmevj8lqt1yg 181231 s4 farooq maheen clinical features and diagnosis
Clinical Features and Diagnosis
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Lecture´s Description

Educator begins by talking about coronary arteries. After that, pathophysiology of coronary artery disease is highlighted. Then, risk factors are pursued. Following this, detailed information is given on how to carry out diagnosis. Lastly, educator focuses the procedures to restore and improve blood flow.

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