Complex Bacterial Cellular Processes


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Complex Bacterial Cellular Processes
Data 2fimages 2fpg1ts9xhqjqy6vdcxzba 190320 s1 arfeen zain global regulation
Global Regulation
Data 2fimages 2fuzjqwdvqkjw7yt7km2qy 190320 s2 arfeen zain phosphorelay systems
Phosphorelay Systems
Data 2fimages 2fdrdqdmckssyc6qyzhfvb 190320 s3 arfeen zain catabolite repression in e coli
Catabolite Repression in E. coli

Lecture´s Description

Want to learn all about the complex bacterial cellular processes? Here is the medical video lecture just for you. This lecture provides an elaboration of global regulation systems, two-component signal transduction systems and EnvZ/OmpR system. Additionally, phosphorelay system, second messengers, alternate sigma factors along with the catabolites repression in E coli has been expansively explained. Diauxic growth and cAMP levels regulation has been considered.

Global Regulation

In the beginning of this section, global regulatory systems, regulon and modulon has been shed light upon. In addition to this, stimulons along with the two-component signal transduction systems have been delineated. Subsequently, EnvZ/OmpR system of E coli alongside EnvZ structure has been conversed about. Moreover, OmpR structure and the mechanism of this system has been highlighted.

Phosphorelay Systems

Initially, an overview of the phosphorelay systems has been put forth. Following this, second messengers, cyclic dimeric GMP and its overexpression has been brought under consideration. Additionally, mechanism of action of c-di-GMP along with the P. fluorescens biofilm formation has been talked about in-detail. Conclusively, alternate sigma factors have been shed light upon.

Catabolite Repression in E. coli

Primarily, diauxic growth, role of catabolic repression and catabolite activator protein has been comprehensively explained. Furthermore, regulation of Lac operon through CAP and regulation of cAMP levels has been highlighted. In the end, the section has been summed up by a mention of glucose transfer.   

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