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Data 2fimages 2fi01r8sivs1ieuayy50fx 190104 s0 naz warda cranium intro
Data 2fimages 2fyvqb6jmrs0czvxta92i3 190104 s1 naz warda cranium bones
Data 2fimages 2fuqfciaqbqsajarbykgm0 190104 s2 naz warda cranium facial front aspect
Facial (Front) Aspect
Data 2fimages 2fm4yn0furssse0kc9uq9v 190104 s3 naz warda cranium lateral aspect
Lateral Aspect
Data 2fimages 2fm0wxmsaftby6txuqhkxm 190104 s4 naz warda cranium posterior aspect
Posterior Aspect
Data 2fimages 2ftprcpmdiqzu3vkuvui94 190104 s5 naz warda cranium inferior aspect
Inferior Aspect

Lecture´s Description

One of the major components of skull entitled as cranium has been discussed in this medical video lecture. Our educator has shed light on the bones of the cranium viz frontal, occipital, ethmoid and temporal bones. Moreover, facial and lateral aspects have been thoroughly explained. Furthermore, posterior and inferior aspects have been elucidated in-detail.


After putting forth an overview, bones of cranium have been proceedingly highlighted. In addition to this, frontal and occipital bones have been explained extensively. Furthermore, sphenoid, ethmoid and parietal bones. In the end, temporal bone has been discussed.

Facial (Front) Aspect

The major focus of this section is on facial (front) aspect. Initially, glabella and nasion region has been explicated. Moreover, sinuses have been delineated. Conclusively, sutures have been described quite comprehensively.

Lateral Aspect

Firstly, skull-lateral aspect has been illustrated. Additionally, lateral view and bregma has been mentioned in-detail. Following this, pterion, asterion along with the fractures of cranium have been expansively talked about. Comminuted fractures in addition to the linear skull fractures have also been deliberated.

Posterior Aspect

Primarily, posterior view, clavaria and lambdoid suture has been explained. Furthermore, external occipital protuberance together with the oxycephaly and plagiocephaly has been elucidated. Conclusively, scaphocephaly and removal of squamous part of occipital bones has been highlighted.

Inferior Aspect

In the beginning, base of skull alongside the foramina and other apertures of neurocranium has been shed light on. Moving ahead, fractures in the anterior cranial fossa and middle cranial fossa has been discussed in-detail. In the end, our educator has conversed about the posterior cranial fossa.

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