Cubital Fossa and Forearm

by Snober, Gull


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Lecture´s Description

In this video lecture educator describes Cubital Fossa and Forearm in detail starting with the Definition, Boundaries, contents and description of contents of cubital fossa. Lateral, Medial, Base, Floor and roof are the Boundaries of Cubital Fossa. Then the Educator explained the Contents of Cubital Fossa which includes the explanation of Brachial Artery

The Radial Nerve and The Ulnar nerve are the Other structure of the Cubital fossa which are explained by educator in detail with the diagram. The roof of the cubital fossa is made by the skin and superficial fascia. Then in the end of first section of lecture the educator described the description of median cubital vein. 

Educator started the next section of lecture with the definition of Forearm which led to the explanation of relation of forearm with the arm and the hand this relation is called proximally and distally. Then with the help of diagram educator explained the Sensory nerve supply of the Forearm, Venous Drainage of the Forearm, The Median Cubital vein, The Basilic Vein, and the Lymphatic Drainage in detail.

Forearm is also divided into anterior and posterior compartments. In the forearm these compartments are separated by a lateral intermuscular septum, which passes from the anterior border of the radius to the deep fascia surrounding the limb and by an interosseous membrane which links adjacent borders of ulna and radius in most of their length.

Then educator explains in detail the Compartment Syndrome of the Forearm, Volkmann's Ischemic Contracture, and the Construction of Dialysis Fistula in the Cubital Fossa. Volkmann's ischemic contractures are formed if ischemia of the forearm is not treated properly or in children by supracondylar fractures of Humerus.

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Studies have shown that V-Learning™ increases student's learning and passing rate Significantly.

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