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Oz9nzn20srkqmekzwre0 180705 s0 khurshid aqsa cytoskeleton intro
Cigorxfcqlueuzaehgrm 180705 s1 khurshid aqsa actin
Falqqxqzrkyxhbyveqm8 180705 s2 khurshid aqsa dynamics of actin assembly
Dynamics of Actin Assembly
Z2yusa2rgxidcuiilvgl 180705 s3 khurshid aqsa dynamics of actin polymerization
Dynamics of Actin Polymerization
Ikci0azcrjc1ultukwa6 180705 s4 khurshid aqsa structure and types of myosin
Structure and Types of Myosin
4yj3llskydvv3ntifrkg 180705 s5 khurshid aqsa function of myosin
Function of Myosin

Lecture´s Description


In this lecture ´´Cytoskeleton´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´Actin´´. This section is started by the introduction of actin. After that actin structure is explained in detail.

Dynamics of Actin Assembly

Section two is about ‘’Dynamics of Actin Assembly’’. Educator’s prime focus is actin polymerization. After that effect of toxin on actin polymerization is focused. This is followed by the detailed explanation of regulatory proteins for actin polymerization.

Dynamics of Actin Polymerization

Section three is about ‘’Dynamics of Actin Polymerization’’. At first actin-capping proteins are comprehensively discussed. This is followed by the illustration of actin-related proteins. In the last few slides importance of actin polymerization and depolymerization is highlighted.

Structure and Types of Myosin

Section four is about ‘’Structure and Types of Myosin’’. So, in the first few sides of this section structure of myosin is discussed. Moreover, this section comprises the elucidation of types of myosin.

Function of Myosin

Section five is about ‘’Function of Myosin’’. Earlier in this section techniques to study myosin movements are pursued. Educator explains vesicle trafficking (myosins I, V, and VI). Next is the discussion of cytoplasmic streaming (myosin XI).

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