Determining Level of Antimicrobial Activity


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Determining Level of Antimicrobial Activity
Data 2fimages 2fowo0jhqvs7ix8qbre26x 181219 s1 afridi maham antimicrobial effectiveness
Antimicrobial Effectiveness
Data 2fimages 2foocyeyyfsxwxeqdjwjal 181219 s2 afridi maham disc diffusion tests
Disc Diffusion Tests
Data 2fimages 2fpmjny9iusrmv9qsbmvit 181219 s3 afridi maham the e test
The E-Test

Lecture´s Description

Educator begins by explaining how to determine the antimicrobial effectiveness through various tests. Then principle of disk diffusion tests is enlightened. Lastly, information is conveyed about the E-test, a test which is easily used with anaerobes.

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