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Elbow Region

Posterior Aspect
In this lecture ´´Elbow Region´´ are explained. Section one is about ´´Posterior Aspect´´. Earlier in this section, elbow arm anatomy is elaborated. Then surface anatomy of posterior aspect of elbow is discussed. This is followed by bony arrangement of posterior aspect of elbow. Subsequently, superficial dissection of elbow region is explained. Moreover, Deep Dissection of Elbow Region is pursued.

Anterior Aspect
Section two is about ''Anterior Aspect''. Educator's first theme of discussion is surface anatomy of cubital fossa. Then information is delivered about cubital fossa. This is followed by superficial dissection of cubital fossa. Likewise, deep dissection of cubital fossa is elucidated. Moving onward, floor of the cubital fossa comes under consideration.

Bony Articulation
Section three is about ''Bony Articulation''. Prime emphasis is on articulation at elbow joint. Then educator explains movements at elbow joint. Likewise, carrying angle is elaborated. Important relations of elbow joint are also covered in this part. Next is the elucidation of olecranon bursitis. In the end, student’s elbow is discussed.

Medial and Lateral Aspect
Section four is about ''Medial and Lateral Aspect''. Firstly, educator explains medial aspect of bones and ligaments of elbow. After that Bands of ulnar collateral ligament are discussed. Then light is shed on bundles of ulnar collateral ligament. Moving onward, lateral aspect of bones and ligaments is highlighted. Later on, radial collateral ligament is exhibited. Lastly, nerve supply is explained.

Synovial Capsule of Elbow Joint
Section five is about ''Synovial Capsule of Elbow Joint''. Educator's first theme of discussion is synovial capsule and proximal radio-ulnar joints. Then synovial capsule is explained. Likewise, synovial membrane is elaborated. After that anular ligament is pursued. Concluding comments are given on nursemaid's elbow.

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