Eukaryotic and Archaeal Genome Expression


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Data 2fimages 2fdo1qh2tprt6mvdvxnqub 190228 s0 arfeen zain eukaryotic and archaeal genome expression intro
ukaryotic and Archaeal Genome Expression
Data 2fimages 2fgoscsp8rtyolgxql69h6 190228 s1 arfeen zain translation in eukaryotes
Translation in Eukaryotes
Data 2fimages 2fhjwipmc4sbhbawzfcf4r 190228 s2 arfeen zain protein maturation
Protein Maturation
Data 2fimages 2f1ckxuwajrjuigyetvdqr 190228 s3 arfeen zain genome regulation
Genome Regulation
Data 2fimages 2fen36im9fszmqbbm3a2wd 190228 s4 arfeen zain regulatory mechanisms
Regulatory Mechanisms

Lecture´s Description

This video lecture is the thorough elucidation of eukaryotic and archaeal genome expression by Zain Arfeen. Initially, the educator has comprehensively delineated about the process of translation in eukaryotes from initiation to elongation and termination. Furthermore, protein maturation and localization has been considered. In addition to this, regulation of eukaryotic transcription initiation and GAL genes has been highlighted. Moreover, microRNAs, small interfering RNAs along with transcription regulation in archaea has been taken an account of.

Translation in Eukaryotes

This section focuses on the translation in eukaryotes. In the beginning, the differences between the prokaryotic and eukaryotic translation has been highlighted. Moving further, translation initiation process and translation initiation complex has been discussed. This is followed by an elaboration of elongation and termination. Conclusively, polysome structure and the mechanism of protein folding in eukaryotes has been explained in detail.

Protein Maturation

Protein Maturation is the prime objective of this section. Firstly, protein localization has been shed light upon. Following that, vesicle transport and sec pathway has been comprehensively elucidated. Moreover, translation in archaea and archaeal protein maturation has been delineated. In the end, archaeal protein translocation systems have been thoroughly discussed.

Genome Regulation

This section majorly emphasizes upon the genome regulation. Comparison of cellular regulation has been first put forward. Subsequently, regulation of eukaryotic transcription initiation process has been considered in detail. In addition to this, regulation of the GAL genes has been brought under consideration. Moreover, chromatin remodeling and histone acetylation has been highlighted.

Regulatory Mechanisms

Regulatory Mechanisms have been expansively elaborated in this section. Primarily, riboswitches and sRNAs have been considered. Furthermore, microRNAs and small interfering RNAs have been talked about. Conclusively, regulation of transcription initiation in archaea has been elucidated quite comprehensively.

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