Female Physiology Before Pregnancy


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Female Physiology Before Pregnancy
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Hormones and Reproduction
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Ovarian Cycle
Fdevgq5srzexqzypllcy 180813 s3 shahid asma menstruation
Zwrgqjn8qzkq9xtx3es6 180813 s4 shahid asma role of hormones and menstruation
Role of Hormones and Menstruation
Zqhaikw0tosduxhxvele 180813 s5 shahid asma feedback effects and puberty
Feedback Effects and Puberty

Lecture´s Description

Hormones and Reproduction
In this lecture ´´Female Physiology Before Pregnancy´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´Hormones and Reproduction´´. At first, educator describes physiological anatomy of female sexual organs. After that female reproduction system is elucidated. Then primary oocyte is discussed. Following this female hormonal system is pursued. Subsequently, ovarian cycle and gonadotrophin hormones are elaborated. Furthermore, gonadotrophin hormones and their functions are reported. Afterwards, information is delivered on gonadotrophin hormones. Likewise, second messenger system is elucidated. In the end, formation of corpus luteum is discussed.

Ovarian Cycle
Section two is about ‘’Ovarian Cycle’’. Educator's prime focus is elucidation of ovarian cycle. After that menstrual cycle is discussed. Then follicular phase of ovarian cycle is pursued. Following this, primary follicles are discussed. Moving onward, results of female sexual cycle are reported. Next, development of antral and vesicular follicles is focused. Moreover, follicular development is explained. Afterwards, cause of atresia is reported. Then ovulation is described. Likewise, information about LH for ovulation is conveyed. This is followed by FSH and LH. Furthermore, initiation of ovulation is discussed. In the end, hormonal initiation of ovulation comes under consideration.

Section three is about ‘’Menstruation’’. This section is started by discussing luteal phase of ovarian cycle. After that granulosa cells are highlighted. Then Corbica Albicans come under consideration. This is followed by luteinizing function of LH. Likewise, luteinisation is pursued. Moreover, involution of corpus luteum is elaborated. Final involution is the next subject of discussion. Afterwards, production of new follicles is elucidated. Then function of ovarian hormones estrogen is highlighted. Moreover, estrogen is explained. Alongside, progestin is presented. This is followed by the elucidation of synthesis of estrogen and progesterone. After that estrogen and progesterone transportation comes under consideration. Furthermore, role of liver in estrogen degradation is reported. Finally, educator notify functions of estrogen.

Role of Hormones and Menstruation
Section four is about ‘’Role of Hormones and Menstruation’’. Initially, effect of estrogen on fallopian tube is reported. After that effect of estrogen on breast is discussed. This is followed by effect of estrogen on skeleton. Then osteoporosis of bone is elaborated. Next is the elucidation of other functions of estrogen. Alongside, functions of progesterone are highlighted. Furthermore, stages of monthly endometrial cycle are pursued. Following this, proliferative phase is discussed. Then proliferative phase and mucus comes under consideration. Moving onward, secretory phase of endometrial cycle is elaborated. Following this, secretory phase of ovulation is explained. Afterwards, menstruation is described. Educator notify that blood vessels become vasospastic. Subsequently, loss of hormonal stimulation is explained. Moreover, desquamated tissue is focused. After that information about leukorrhea during menstruation is given. This is followed by menopause along with causes of menopause. Likewise, other causes of menopause are reported. Educator reveals information about treatment of menopause. In the next slide abnormalities of ovarian secretion are presented. Hypogonadism is the next subject of discussion. This is followed by hypersecretion of ovaries.  Educator explains female sexual act. Then female erection is pursued. Additionally, discussion continues on parasympathetic signals for female erection. Concluding this section, female orgasm is reported. Finally, monthly rhythm is discussed.

Feed Back Effects and Puberty
Section five is about ‘’Feed Back Effects and Puberty’’. Educator notify about Secretion of GnRH. After that hypothalamic center for release of GnRH is discussed. Then feedback effects of estrogen and progesterone are reported. Following this hormone inhibin is elaborated. Moreover, hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system is pursued. Educator tells that negative feedback decrease in FSH and LH. Likewise, increase secretion of FSH and LH is discussed. Next is the elaboration of pre-ovulatory surge of FSH and LH. This is followed by postovulatory secretion of ovarian hormones. Moving onward, follicular growth phase comes under consideration. Afterwards anovulatory cycles are pursued. Then puberty is discussed along with triggers of puberty and signs of puberty. Additionally, information about female fertility is revealed. Discussion continues on rhythm method of contraception. Likewise, pill method of contraception is elucidated. After that side effect of pill method are reported. At the end, female sterility is pursued.

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