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Class Clostridia
Uamcpjnqsgknivv19lch 180904 s2 perveen irum bacillus
Igtpl8emtucehc0y2bx3 180904 s3 perveen irum characteristics of bacillus
Characteristics of Bacillus
Lzcestxvqwqh5izo4mwt 180904 s4 perveen irum families of bacillus
Families of Bacillus
T01cb6d1qwig42dqjssn 180904 s5 perveen irum order lactobacillales
Order Lactobacillales

Lecture´s Description

Class Clostridia
In this lecture ´´Firmicutes´´ are explained. Section one is about ´´Class Clostridia´´. Initially, educator explains firmicutes. Also gives information about nonsporulating firmicutes. After that endospore-forming firmicutes are discussed. Following this, phylogenetic relationships are elaborated. Then phylogenetic relationships in phylum firmicutes is elucidated. Class clostridia is the next subject of discussion. Moving onward, stickland reaction is pursued. Subsequently, amino acid fermentation and Na+ flux is explained. In the end, educator highlights desulfotomaculum.

Section two is about ‘’Bacillus’’. Educator's prime focus is the elucidation of genus bacillus. After that genus bacillus-industrial significance is highlighted. This is followed by genus bacillus-ecological significance. Likewise, genus bacillus-clinical significance is elaborated. At last, comprehensive discussion continues on class bacilli.

Characteristics of Bacillus
Section three is about ‘’Characteristics of Bacillus’’. Earlier in this section, biofilms of B. subtilis is discussed. Then parasporal body is elaborated. Educator tells that parasporal body is a crystalline protein that forms around a spore in some bacteria that acts as a toxin precursor when digested. In the end, thermoactinomycetaceae is explained.

Families of Bacillus
Section four is about ‘’Families of Bacillus’’. At first, educator talks about family staphylococcaceae. After that family listeriaceae is discussed. Then listeriosis is explained. Likewise, Staphylococcus aureus comes under consideration. At last, educator give information about virulence.

Order Lactobacillales
Section five is about ‘’Order Lactobacillales’’. Educator's first theme of discussion is order lactobacillales. Then leuconostoc is elucidated. Furthermore, enterococcaceae and streptococcaceae are elaborated. After that discussion continues on streptococci, entercocci and lactococci. Lastly, staphylococcal and streptococcal hemolytic patterns are exhibited.

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