Functional Organization of the Human Body and Control of the “Internal Environment”


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Lecture´s Description

Functional organization of human body is the main topic of discussion of this medical video lecture. Our medical specialist, Dr Danial Qasim has provided a detailed elaboration of cells and their examples, extracellular fluid and its transport system. Moreover, origin of nutrients, removal of metabolic end products along with an elucidation of homeostasis, control systems and automaticity.

In this video lecture, educator explains cell as the living units of the body by giving different examples of cells. Two types of fluid exist in body; extracellular fluid and intracellular fluid.

Extracellular fluid transports through movement of blood around circulatory system or movement of fluid between capillaries and cells. There are different sources of origin of nutrients and constituents in extracellular fluid.

Removal of metabolic end products takes place through kidney and respiratory system.

Homeostasis is the property of a system within the body of a living organism. Homeostasis regulate nervous system, endocrine glands, immune system and control system. Control system has two types of feedback systems; positive and negative. Educator explained feed forward control, homeostasis of body temperature, homeostasis and carbon dioxide regulation and glucose regulation in homeostasis by different diagrams.

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