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Proliferation Death and Cell Size
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Cellular Mass
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Growth Regulation

Lecture´s Description

This medical video lecture is all about growth. From a medical perspective, growth is the development of organs and organisms involving various processes and mechanisms. Initially in this section, proliferation, death, and cell size is determined along with the effects of ploidy on cell size and organ size and homeostatic size control. Proceeding further, growth regulation and stimulation/inhibition of growth hormone is discussed which causes pituitary dwarf and pituitary giant conditions.

Proliferation, Death, and Cell Size

Zain Arfeen begins by elaborating questions like how the size of an animal or an organ is determined? After that, three variables that define the size of an organ or organism are pursued. Then size based on cells is discussed by taking examples of mouse and a human. Moreover, regulation of cell size and number is highlighted. Proceeding further, comprehensive explanation on organism size of C. Elegans is given whose precise regulation of cell division & cell death determines final numbers of somatic cells.

Cellular Mass

Regulation of size is conversed about initially. Factors on which regulation of the size of an animal or organ is dependent are cell number and cell size, and total cell mass. Effects of ploidy on cell size and organ size are pursued later on. Then homeostatic size control is elucidated by taking drosophila as an example. Following this, light is shed on experiments on wing imaginal disc.

Growth Regulation

The pituitary gland secretes the growth hormone in mammals and hence growth is stimulated throughout the body.  Stimulation/inhibition of growth hormone leads to gigantism and dwarfism respectively. Subsequently, pituitary dwarf and pituitary giant conditions are discussed. Moreover, extensive elucidation of myostatin regulation along with hippo signaling pathway is given lastly.

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