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Data 2fimages 2fdg6l7n1gtfsxaeffmzsa 181231 s1 rehman sannan pathophysiology
Data 2fimages 2ftamm1nlrs6q7vrofmjph 181231 s2 rehman sannan definitions and parameters
Definitions and Parameters
Data 2fimages 2f86iga11msjim3imqansu 181231 s3 rehman sannan degree and classification
Degree and Classification
Data 2fimages 2fejbwytyyqleemgvohprh 181231 s4 rehman sannan management

Lecture´s Description

Haemorrhage is the major focus of discussion in this V learning medical lecture. From conversing about pathophysiology, acute traumatic and trauma induced coagulopathy has been elaborated. Moreover, primary, secondary and reactionary haemorrhage along with the degree and classification has been explicated quite thoroughly. In the end, management encompassing resuscitation, haemorrhage control and damage control resuscitation has been expounded in-detail.


In the beginning, causes of haemorrhage and acute traumatic coagulopathy has been discussed. Following this, trauma-induced coagulopathy has been thoroughly brought under consideration. In the end, hypothermia has been highlighted.

Definitions and Parameters

Initially, revealed VS the concealed haemorrhage has been explained. Subsequently, primary, secondary and reactionary haemorrhage has been explicated in-depth. Furthermore, both the surgical and non-surgical haemorrhage has been reported by our educator.

Degree and Classification

First and foremost, estimation along with the haemoglobin levels have been conversed about in detail. In addition to this, haemoglobin quantification along with the treatment has been shed light upon. Treatment itself is based upon various factors viz degree of hypovolaemic shock, vital signs and dynamic response to fluid therapy.


Primarily, identification and resuscitation has been elaborated. Then the educator proceeds to talk about the identification of haemorrhage site and certain investigations via X rays. Additionally, haemorrhage control alongside the surgical intervention has been expounded. In the end, damage control resuscitation has been explained.

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