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Data 2fimages 2fnk4qe8nqe6sel3gnbjpl 190426 s1 arfeen zain alteration in membrane trafficking
Alteration in Membrane Trafficking
Data 2fimages 2f3wce2fjpqisjvnppvwws 190426 s2 arfeen zain actin polymerization
Actin Polymerization
Data 2fimages 2fxxprdxn7qgyfjqrjdog3 190426 s3 arfeen zain viral takeover of host metabolism
Viral Takeover of Host Metabolism
Data 2fimages 2f8wnsyrzq1kiyhahcmrwo 190426 s4 arfeen zain antigenic variation
Antigenic Variation

Lecture´s Description

Infection is the prime point of discussion of this medical V learning lecture. Our educator, Miss Zain Arfeen has extensively elucidated about the alteration in membrane trafficking along with the alteration by viruses and actin polymerization. Moreover, viral takeover of host metabolism, RNA viruses along with the antigenic variation in bacteria has been considered in-detail. Furthermore, error-prone replication in viral evolution has been thoroughly delineated.

Alteration in Membrane Trafficking

This section focuses on the alteration in membrane trafficking. Firstly, intracellular pathogens along with the M tuberculosis and Salmonella enterica has been discussed. Following this, Legionella pneumophila in conjunction with the alteration by viruses (herpes virus) has been deliberated.

Actin Polymerization

At the onset of this section, host cytoskeleton and the mechanism of actin polymerization has been brought under consideration. Moving further, L monocytogenes and S flexneri has been explained in-detail. Furthermore, pathogen induced actin assembly and virus induced actin assembly has been explicated.

Viral Takeover of Host Metabolism

In the beginning of this section, viruses alter host translation along with the host-cell ribosomes and host cell polymerase has been shed light on. Subsequently, adenovirus genome along with the RNA viruses have been comprehensively explained.

Antigenic Variation

The prime focus of this section is on the antigenic variation. Initially, variation through random mutations followed by antigenic variation has been delineated. Additionally, Trypanosoma brucei along with the antigenic variations of bacteria have been explicated. In the end, error-prone replication in viral evolution has been elucidated.

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