Innate Host Resistance


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Innate Host Resistance
I065ytaqjowziinzjfrx 180817 s1 arfeen zain immunity
V84hzp6cqfhc8emfwiqy 180817 s2 arfeen zain physical and mechanical barrier defenses
Physical and Mechanical Barrier Defenses
Zd4e9rnbsjsa6ylbv4fs 180817 s3 arfeen zain chemical mediators
Chemical Mediators
8jyybqmrecinjndusoob 180817 s4 arfeen zain complement system
Complement System
Gr41bm43rioimollyrmq 180817 s5 arfeen zain other chemical mediators
Other Chemical Mediator

Lecture´s Description


In this lecture ´´Innate Host Resistance´´ are explained. Section one is about ´´Immunity´´. In the beginning, educator gives an overview. After that tells what immunity is. Then gives information about innate immune response. Likewise, adaptive immune response is discussed. Furthermore, elucidates bridges between adaptive and innate immunity. Lastly, components of the mammalian immune system are highlighted.

Physical and Mechanical Barrier Defenses

Section two is about ‘’Physical and Mechanical Barrier Defenses’’. Initially, barriers to microbes are reported. Then elucidation of skin is given. This followed by mucous membranes. Next, Respiratory system is focused. Likewise, gastrointestinal tract is comprehensively discussed.

Chemical Mediators

Section three is about ‘’Chemical Mediators’’. At first, overview is given. After that antimicrobial peptides are focused. Then cationic peptides are discussed in detail. At last, educator talks about bacteriocins.

Complement System

Section four is about ‘’Complement System’’. Earlier in this section, complement as a defence mechanism is highlighted. After that complement activation is explained. Then three complement pathways are pursued. In the end, complement action is exhibited.

Other Chemical Mediators

Section five is about ‘’Other Chemical Mediators’’. Educator's prime focus is the elucidation of cytokines. Then nomenclature is discussed comprehensively. Alongside, examples of cytokines grouped by function are reported. Afterwards, acute phase proteins are elaborated.

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