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Lecture´s Description

In this lecture, educator introduces the functions and classification of joints. The joints are classified into three parts Fibrous, Cartilaginous and Synovial. Fibrous is a fixed part, cartilaginous is slightly movable whereas synovial is freely movable.

He further discusses Functional classification and structural classification. Suture and its types. Syndesmosis, Gomphosis, Cartilaginous Joints, Synovial Joints.

The characteristics of Synovial Joints, Blood supply, nerve supply. The types of synovial Joint are based on shape of articulation surface i.e. uniaxial, resembling hinge of door, articular surface pulley shaped, the other is based on plane of movement and based on no. of articulating bone.

Movements of Synovial Joints are translation, angulation and rotatory/circular movement. 

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