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Joints of Shoulder Region

In this lecture ´´Joints of Shoulder Region´´ are explained. Section one is about ´´Overview´´. Educator initiates this section by explaining articulation at shoulder joint. After that elucidates type of joints. Then joints at shoulder region are elaborated. Anatomy of shoulder joint is exhibited later on.

Sternoclavicular and Acromioclavicular Joint
Section two is about ‘’Sternoclavicular and Acromioclavicular Joint’’. In the beginning, sternoclavicular joint is discussed. After that winged scapula is explained. Subacromial bursa is exhibited later on. Following this, subacromial bursitis is elucidated. Moreover, acromioclavicular joint is elaborated.

Ligaments of Shoulder Joint
Section three is about ''Ligaments of Shoulder Joint''. At first, ligaments at shoulder joint are explained. This is followed by ligaments of shoulder joint. Likewise, coracoclavicular ligament is elucidated. Moving onward, information about acromioclavicular ligament is given. Afterwards, coraco-acromial ligament is highlighted. Then coracohumeral ligament is focused. Next subject of discussion is transverse humeral ligament. At last, glenohumeral ligament comes under consideration.

Glenohumeral Joint and Rotator Cuff
Section four is about ''Glenohumeral Joint and Rotator Cuff''. Earlier in this section, educator gives information about glenohumeral ligaments viewed from interior. Then subacromial bursa is discussed. Following this, elucidation of axillary nerve and posterior circumflex humeral artery is given. Subsequently, rotator cuff muscles and glenoid cavity is pursued.

Shoulder Joint Anomalies
Section five is about ''Shoulder Joint Anomalies''. Firstly, injury of glenohumeral joint is discussed. After that tearing of fibrocartilaginous glenoid labrum is pursued. Then supraspinatus tendon injury is focused. Next is the elucidation of acromioclavicular injuries. Lastly, impingement syndrome is highlighted.

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