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Data 2fimages 2fered73msjg2ynvp5qrga 181023 s1 naz warda definition and ligaments
Definition and Ligaments
Data 2fimages 2fljsrssubqakywjr0ozoa 181023 s2 naz warda cartilages of larynx
Cartilages of Larynx
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Data 2fimages 2fj0dnxyrhtckcpieguy6i 181023 s4 naz warda muscles
Data 2fimages 2ffrrdyxoxsbsuxu4c9rbl 181023 s5 naz warda voice production in larynx
Voice Production in Larynx

Lecture´s Description

This medical video lecture emphasizes on the larynx. Initially, the definition and location of larynx has been put forth. Subsequently, ligaments and cartilages of larynx along with the inlet and laryngeal folds have been conversed about. Moreover, extrinsic and intrinsic muscles in conjunction with the voice production in larynx has been deliberated. Additionally, the nerve and blood supply alongside the lymph drainage has been elaborated.

Definition and Ligaments

This lecture highlights the anatomy of Larynx. The prime focus of section one is the Definition and Ligaments of Larynx. The educator begins with a comprehensive Definition of Larynx and progresses forward to shed light on its Location. After this, information is given regarding the Thyrohyoid Membrane and Quadrangular Membrane of Larynx. The educator then shifts over to the elucidation of Ligaments of Larynx which incude Cricothyroid Ligament and Cricotracheal Ligament.

Cartilages of Larynx

Section two is about Cartilages of Larynx. The educator extensively reports all the different kinds of Cartilages present in Larynx. These cartilages include Thyroid Cartilage, Cricoid Cartilage, Arytenoid Cartilages, Corniculate Cartilages and Cuneiform Cartilages. In addition to this, comprehensive information about Epiglottis is presented which is also a Cartilage of Larynx.


Section three elaborates on the Characteristics of Larynx. In the beginning, the description of Inlet of Larynx is put forth. Following this, the educator explains Laryngeal Folds and Cavity of Larynx. Afterwards, the educator sheds light on Sinus of Larynx and Saccule of Larynx.


Section four is regarding the Muscles of Larynx. In this section, the educator begins by presenting a comprehensive overview of Extrinsic muscles. Afterwards, the Intrinsic Muscles (Modifying Laryngeal Inlet) and Intrinsic Muscles (Moves Vocal Cord) are brought under consideration. Moreover, the educator highlights Cricothyroid Muscles and Thyroaretenoid Muscle. At the end of this section, the Lateral and Posterior Cricoarytenoid Muscle is elucidated.

Voice Production in Larynx

The educator extensively talks about the process of Voice Production in Larynx. Later, an overview of Voice Production is provided after which the educator focuses on the Role of Vocal Folds in Sound Production. Subsequently, discussion on Mucous Membrane of Larynx takes place followed by a demonstration of Nerve Supply of Larynx. To further elaborate on this topic, an insight into Blood Supply of the Larynx and Lymph Drainage of Larynx is also provided by the educator.

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