Leprosy (AS)


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Clinical Manifestations
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Lecture´s Description

This sqadia.com video lecture is a detailed explanation of Leprosy by Asma Shahid. Initially, the educator gave an overview of Leprosy. Then in the later sections its Clinical Manifestation, Complications and management are discussed.


In the following lecture, the topic of Leprosy is discussed. In section one, the educator focuses on the Overview of Leprosy. The definition of Leprosy is brought to light after which elucidation of its Etiology takes place. Furthermore, the educator highlights the Epidemiology and Demographics of Leprosy.


Section two elaborates on how the Infection of Leprosy establishes itself. The educator gives information regarding the Transmission of the causative agent and thoroughly demonstrates Spectrum of Leprosy. In addition to this, the Clinical, Histologic and Immunologic Spectrum of Leprosy is explained.

Clinical Manifestations

Section three consists of information regarding the Clinical Manifestations of Leprosy. The educator reports different Clinical Manifestations such as Tuberculoid Leprosy and Lepromatous Leprosy. Moreover, explanation of various Reactional States of Leprosy is provided that include Type 1 Lepra Reactions and Type 2 Lepra. Apart from this, detailed discussion of Lucio’s Phenomenon is carried out.


Section four is about the Complications of Leprosy. Numerous Complications of Leprosy are highlighted such as Complications of Nose, Complications of Eye, and a few Other Complications.


Section five is dedicated to the demonstration of Management of Leprosy. The educator starts off with an elucidation of the Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Leprosy. After this, the educator progresses to present information about Antimicrobial Therapy that is employed for the treatment of Leprosy. In addition to this, light is shed on the Choice of Regimens. Moreover, the Therapy for Reactions is comprehensively introduced. At the end of this section, the educator talks about Prevention and Control of Leprosy.

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