Mendelian Genetics


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Mendelian Genetics
Data 2fimages 2fsaxps3pbqjue3psrnqdw 190112 s1 afridi mendelian laws
Mendelian Laws
Data 2fimages 2fy1rv1bhwsvwahuay1yfc 190112 s2 afridi maham genetic locus
Genetic Locus
Data 2fimages 2feanpu8xqakkeuandoeg5 190112 s3 afridi maham genetic interactions
Genetic Interactions
Data 2fimages 2fguukfoqxqlwyek6zes1m 190112 s4 afridi maham penetrance and expressivity
Penetrance and Expressivity
Data 2fimages 2fc5s0xtmnrq6um2vljvv5 190112 s5 afridi maham patterns of gene transmission
Patterns of Gene Transmission

Lecture´s Description

Mendelian genetics revolve around the Mendel's laws i.e. law of segregation and law of independent assortment, which Mendel deduced from his observations. To predict the transmission probabilities, the likelihood of a particular allele being inherited from the father is multiplied by the likelihood of a particular allele from the mother.  Such outcomes are often summarized in a table called a Punnett square.

Besides the Mendel's dominance and recessiveness rule, dominance is sometimes influenced by techniques for measuring phenotypes. Environmental influences also play a key role in developmental expression. Environmental variables like temperature can affect molecular stability or the rate of a biochemical reaction.

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