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Microtubule Organization
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Microtubule-Associated Proteins and Microtubule Organizing Center (MTOC)
Sm3ecsitsxcp757selqo 180719 s3 khurshid aqsa microtubule functions
Microtubule Functions
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Tstv407arwmxlur53wfq 180719 s5 khurshid aqsa dyneins

Lecture´s Description

Microtubule Organization

In this lecture ´´Microtubules´´ are explained. Section one is about ‘‘Microtubule Organization’’. Educator talks about the structure of microtubule. In the next few slides types of microtubule are discussed. Then tubulin: structure and dynamics is explained in detail. Moreover, most part of this section covers the elucidation of microtubule assembly and disassembly.

Microtubule-Associated Proteins and Microtubule Organizing Center (MTOC)

Section two is about ‘’Microtubule-Associated Proteins and Microtubule Organizing Center (MTOC)’’. Initially, educator talks about stabilizing microtubule-associated proteins (MAP). This is followed by the elucidation of destabilizing microtubule-associated proteins (MAP). Subsequently, drugs affecting microtubule dynamics are highlighted. Next focus is the microtubule organizing center. Then microtubule organizing center function is discussed.

Microtubule Functions

Section three is about ‘’Microtubule Functions’’. Educator’s first theme of discussion is axonal transport. After that anterograde transport comes under consideration. This is followed by retrograde transport. Lastly, transport of vesicles in axon is pursued.


Section four is about ‘’Kinesins’’. Educator comprehensively explains the structure of kinesins. Then functional types of kinesin are reported. Last few slides focus on properties of kinesin.


Section five is about ‘’Dynein’’. This section is started by the elucidation of cytosolic dyneins. After that axonemal dyneins are discussed. Moreover, function of axonemal dyneins is reported.

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