Mitral Valve Prolapse

Medicine, Cardiology

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Mitral Valve Prolapse
Data 2fimages 2fqf7ylki4sqcrybb2wlbk 181222 s1 farooq maheen mitral valve
Mitral Valve
Data 2fimages 2f5xr7h36tq6xylvoxr98l 181222 s2 farooq maheen mitral valve disease
Mitral Valve Disease
Data 2fimages 2fbijqymgxrfu7gb7ypos4 181222 s3 farooq maheen etiology and pathogenesis
Etiology and Pathogenesis
Data 2fimages 2fafquz8xvr4iztg5vf5rh 181222 s4 farooq maheen clinical features
Clinical Features
Data 2fimages 2fkanydhmsgyyoegj4xsnz 181222 s5 farooq maheen diagnosis and management
Diagnosis and Management

Lecture´s Description

Educator started off the lecture by explaining the anatomy of mitral valve. Then, structural changes in mitral valve are pursued. This is followed by elaboration of its pathophysiology.

Afterwards, educator tells how it can be prevented. Concluding comments are given on pharmacological management along with surgical management.

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