Neuro-muscular Junction


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Lecture´s Description

This medical V learning lecture is devoted towards the explanation of a very important topic of physiology viz neuro-muscular junction. From an elucidation of somatic and autonomic nervous system to shedding light on the anatomy and physiology of neuromuscular junction, every detail has been explicated. Furthermore, acetylcholine and its secretion, muscle action potential, miniature end plate potential along with the acetylcholine voltage gated channels have been meticulously elaborated. Additionally, myasthenia gravis and its diagnosis with treatment, drug agonists and antagonists are explained.

In this video lecture, educator gives introduction of axon, myelin sheath and Schwann cell. There is difference between somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system. Junction between nerve ending and muscle membrane is called neuro-muscular junction.

Anatomy of neuro-muscular junction shows many parts. Acetylcholine is synthesized by cytosol of axon terminal. Educator explains muscle action potential, acetylcholine-gated ion channel, excitation-contraction coupling, drugs acetylcholine agonists, myasthenia gravis and its classes.

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