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Nitric Oxide
Data 2fimages 2flwb5t67st1o8xbwood1d 180927 s1 afzal sidra discovery and synthesis
Discovery and Synthesis
Data 2fimages 2fhopd7giwqlwgiwct6hsn 180927 s2 afzal sidra signaling and mechanism of action
Signaling and Mechanism of Action
Data 2fimages 2fza5ugi0qq6hvskx9miwb 180927 s3 afzal sidra nitric oxide activators and inhibitors
Nitric Oxide Activators and Inhibitors
Data 2fimages 2fxvc2u7dqruuumcfzmiuw 180927 s4 afzal sidra nitric oxide donors
Nitric Oxide Donors
Data 2fimages 2fjkz6vxtsqkynwpymkwzm 180927 s5 afzal sidra clinical pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology

Lecture´s Description

Discovery and Synthesis

In this lecture ´´Nitric Oxide´´ is explained. Section one is about ‘‘Discovery and Synthesis’’. Educator starts this section by introducing nitric oxide. After that endothelial derived relaxing factor is explained. Then role of nitric oxide is highlighted. Discovery of endogenously generated NO is also elaborated in this part. Lastly, information about its synthesis is delivered.

Signaling and Mechanism of Action

Section two is about ''Signaling and Mechanism of Action''. In the beginning, educator talks about release and MOA. Then types of NOS are discussed. Subsequently, signaling mechanisms are exhibited. This is followed by metalloproteins. Later on, thiols are reported.  Tyrosine nitration are thoroughly demonstrated. Lastly, educator notifies about inactivation.

Nitric Oxide Activators and Inhibitors

Section three is about ''Nitric Oxide Activators and Inhibitors''. Firstly, agents related to NO comes under consideration. After that nitric oxide activators are pursued. Then oxides of nitrogen are explained. Moreover, inhibitors of nitric oxide synthesis are illustrated.

Nitric Oxide Donors

Section four is about ''Nitric Oxide Donors''. Earlier in this section, overview of nitric oxide donors is given. After that organic nitrates are elaborated by the educator. Then organic nitrites are pursued. Following this, information about sodium nitroprusside is revealed. NO gas inhalation is discussed later on. In the end, educator talks about alternate strategies.

Clinical Pharmacology

Section five is about ''Clinical Pharmacology''. Educator's first theme of elucidation in this part is vascular effects. This is followed by septic shock. Then infection and inflammation are discussed. Furthermore, their role in central nervous system is demonstrated. NO in peripheral nervous system is also explained.

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