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Data 2fimages 2faa3g7m5fr7a4sgbzvfft 180924 s1 shahid asma nocardia
Data 2fimages 2ft5tuiyslyz8dz5fn4ejq 180924 s2 shahid asma clinical manifestations
Clinical Manifestations
Data 2fimages 2fvpiouwdrkwle6pcvedfa 180924 s3 shahid asma diagnosis and prevention
Diagnosis and Prevention
Data 2fimages 2f11vxxmdqbgnvperpjlam 180924 s4 shahid asma treatment
Data 2fimages 2fdjgmgjijtxemjwy2lmqy 180924 s5 shahid asma isolation and management
Isolation and Management

Lecture´s Description

In this lecture ´´Nocardiosis´´ is explained. Section one is about ‘‘Nocardia’’. Educator starts this section by giving an overview of nocardiosis. After that nocardia is elaborated. Then related diseases are explained. Furthermore, epidemiology is pursued. Following this, pathogenesis is exhibited. In the end of this section, pathology is covered.

Clinical Manifestations
Section two is about ''Clinical Manifestations''. Initially, clinical manifestations are introduced. Then nocardial pneumonia and abscesses is discussed. Subsequently, information is conveyed about respiratory tract diseases. Afterwards, extrapulmonary disease is elucidated. Disease following transcutaneous inoculation is also discussed in this part. Next, nocardia brasiliensis mycetom is focused. At last, eye infection is elaborated.

Diagnosis and Prevention
Section three is about ''Diagnosis and Prevention''. Educator begins by highlighting risk factors. After that common sign and symptoms are reported. Then diagnosis comes under consideration. This is followed by elaboration of mode of transmission. In the end, educator talks about prevention.

Section four is about ''Treatment''. Prime emphasis is on treatment. Next discussion continues on sulfonamides. After that treatment duration for nocardiosis is given. Moreover, oral drugs are highlighted. Parenteral drug is focused later on. Lastly, light is shed on combination therapy.

Isolation and Management
Section five is about ''Isolation and Management''. Earlier in this section, information about isolation is given. After that educator talks about methods of management. Following this, surgical management is elaborated. Antimicrobial therapy is also covered in this part.

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