Pectoral Girdle

by Snober, Gull


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Lecture´s Description

In this video lecture educator describes the Pectoral Girdle, its Introduction, Bones of Pectoral Girdle, Range of Movements in Pectoral Girdle, Muscles of Pectoral Girdle, and Triangle of Auscultation. Initially the educator defines the pectoral girdle and explaines its functions. The bones that attach each upper limb to the axial skeleton form the pectoral girdle (shoulder girdle) This consists of two bones, Scapula and Clavicle. These bones are then explained with the help of diagram in detail. Muscles of Pectoral Girdle are also called axioappendicular muscles as these attach the appendicular skeleton ( of the upper limb) to the axial skeleton( in the trunk)  and are divided into two major groups i.e. Anterior axioappendicular muscles and Posterior axioappendicular muscles. Then the educator showes how the Posterior group is subdivided into three groups that are Superficial posterior axioappendicular (extrinsic shoulder) muscles, Deep posterior axioappendicular (extrinsic shoulder) muscles, and Scapulohumeral (intrinsic shoulder) muscles.

In the next section of this lecture Posterior Axioappendicular Muscles are explained in detail as they are of two groups i.e. Extrinsic shoulder muscles and Intrinsic shoulder muscles. Then the Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi, Deep Posterior Group, Levator Scapulae, Rhomboid Minor, and Rhomboid Major,  are defined and explained in detail.  In the last section of this lecture the educator explaines the Scapulohumeral muscles are relatively shorter muscle group but play important role in stabilizing the glenohumeral joint. Nerves supplying axioappendicular muscles may get injured during some clinical procedures or surgeries on pectoral girdle region.

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Studies have shown that V-Learning™ increases student's learning and passing rate Significantly.

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