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Data 2fimages 2flf0oajulq56u9btutd3i 180915 s1 afridi maham origin
Data 2fimages 2fjejcyioiqlq4qqzuv2uo 180915 s2 afridi maham molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide
Molecular Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide
Data 2fimages 2fte12iy9rrvyqt6bpc7y1 180915 s3 afridi maham peroxisomes proteins
Peroxisomes Proteins
Data 2fimages 2fbcznusq2qmk5euy0rluo 180915 s4 afridi maham peroxisomal disorders
Peroxisomal Disorders
Data 2fimages 2falrqnmnwtbuy3vcy6o90 180915 s5 afridi maham peroxisomes in plants
Peroxisomes in Plants

Lecture´s Description


In this lecture ´´ Peroxisomes ´´ are explained. Section one is about ´´ Origin´´.  In the beginning of this section, the theories of origin are listed and explained. Following this, its relationship with ER is discussed. The theory of origin via Endosymbiosis and rejection of endosymbiosis theory are mentioned in the end.

Molecular Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide

Section two is about Molecular Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide”. Firstly, the role of catalases in use of molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide is explained in detail. The educator then focuses on the breakdown of fatty acids. In the end, the formation of plasmalogens is illustrated.

Peroxisomes Proteins

Section three is about ‘Peroxisomes Proteins “. In this section, signal sequences are discussed. The educator then explains the protein import into peroxisomes.

Peroxisomal  Disorders

Section four is about ‘’ Peroxisomal  Disorders’’. Initially, disorders such as single peroxisomal enzyme deficiencies and peroxisomal biogenesis disorders (PBDs) are explained. The educator then focuses on Zellweger syndrome. In the end, X linked adrenoleukodystrophy and infantile refsum disease is discussed.

Peroxisomes in Plants

Section five is about “Peroxisomes in Plants’’. In the start of this session, photorespiration is discussed in detail. The educator then demonstrates glycolate cycle. In the end of this lecture, glyoxisomes are explained.

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