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D09dpyqmqrsb5mtlzwud 180811 s1 afridi maham classification
Cwfqjvmzsjq5mhrqaa3g 180811 s2 afridi maham characteristic features of structures
Characteristic Features of Structures
Xqtlk1cbtaow5jfqhh2s 180811 s3 afridi maham metabolism
Ilidin0zqbwqrt2dwiab 180811 s4 afridi maham mechanism of action
Mechanism of Action
Mdbmoxcisyksymhpq19d 180811 s5 afridi maham prostacyclin and thromboxane
Prostacyclin and Thromboxane

Lecture´s Description


In this lecture ´´Prostaglandin´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´Classification´´. Educator introduces prostaglandins. After that classification is discussed. Then chemistry of prostaglandins is highlighted. This is followed by properties of prostaglandins.

Characteristic Features of Structures

Section two is about ‘’Characteristic Features of Structures’’. At first characteristic features of structures are presented. Next is the elucidation of primary prostaglandins. Alongside its occurrence and distribution is focused. At last, release is discussed.


Section three is about ‘’Metabolism’’. Educator's prime focus is the discussion of metabolism of prostaglandins. After that steps of synthesis are elaborated. Then information about suicide enzyme is conveyed. Moving onward, formation of different PGs is comprehensively discussed. Following this, inhibitors and stimulants of PG-synthesis comes under consideration. Lastly, catabolism is focused.

Mechanism of Action

Section four is about ‘’Mechanism of Action’’. In the beginning, mechanism of action (PGs, PG-I2 and Tx) is elucidated along with examples. After that functions of prostaglandins are reported. Then hematological response is highlighted. This is followed by explanation of action on GI secretions. Furthermore, effects on smooth muscles are presented. Subsequently, metabolic effects and action on endocrine organs are focused. Renal action is the next subject of discussion. Afterwards, Role of PGs in Inflammation is pursued. Then immunological response is explained. Moreover, functions of PGs (summary) are reported. Finally, in this section, information is given about limitations of use of PGs as drugs.

Prostacyclin and Thromboxane

Section five is about ‘’Prostacyclin and Thromboxane’’. This section is started by the explanation of chemistry and functions of prostacyclin and thromboxane. After that applied aspect of PG-I2 and Tx are focused. Then injury to blood vessel wall is discussed. Following this, leukotrienes-LTs are elaborated. Alongside functions of LTs are reported. Discussion continues on lipoxins. Lastly, its applied aspects are highlighted.

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