Regulation of Body Temperature and Fever


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Lecture´s Description

In this video lecture, educator defines the body temperature and types of temperature. Core and surface temperature have different values. There are certain heat insulators present in body. Thermoregulation allows your body to maintain its core temperature. Maintenance of body temperature is called heat balance.

Heat is produced in body by different means. Shivering pathway has many inputs. Radiation, conduction, convention and evaporation are different means of heat loss in body.

Hypothalamus is located below thalamus and performs many functions in the body. Hypothalamus plays many roles in thermoregulation including heat losing mechanisms and heat producing mechanisms.

Body is too hot and cold due to temperature decreasing mechanisms. There are certain abnormalities in thermoregulation including pyrexia/fever, pyrogens, hyperthermia, heat stroke and exhaustion, malignant hyperthermia, hypothermia and frostbite.

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