Regulation of Stress Response


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Regulation of Stress Response
Data 2fimages 2fbryjyopbrbcfnhh8h7p1 190320 s1 arfeen zain chemotaxis in e coli
Chemotaxis in E. Coli
Data 2fimages 2fiwdewliirea8owlayrx4 190320 s2 arfeen zain quorum sensing
Quorum Sensing
Data 2fimages 2f0c0lqwbyqiidophir4hz 190320 s3 arfeen zain stringent response
Stringent Response
Data 2fimages 2f5ueb25f9suuosnkmjdox 190320 s4 arfeen zain sporulation in bacillus subtilis
Sporulation in Bacillus Subtilis

Lecture´s Description

Want to gain an understanding of the regulation of stress response? Watch this medical video lecture. This V learning lecture provides a detail comprehension of chemotaxis in E coli, movement modalities, MCPs, attractant concentration measurement along with quorum sensing in various bacteria. Additionally, stringent response, its mechanism and regulation alongside sporulation and alternate sigma factors has been highlighted. 

Chemotaxis in E. coli

Primarily, movement modalities in E coli has been considered. Following this, random walk of E coli has been shed light upon. Moreover, detection of chemicals, methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins along with the Che proteins have been explained. Conclusively, receptor clusters and measurement of concentration of attractants has been elaborated.

Quorum Sensing

In the beginning, quorum sensing in Vibrio fischeri has been highlighted. Subsequently, quorum sensing in Vibrio harveyi and the mechanism of quorum sensing has been explicated. In the end, the need for multiple autoinducers has been delineated.

 Stringent Response

An overview of the stringent response has been out forward in the commencement of this section. Moreover, mechanism along with the effects of ppGpp and DksA on transcription has been comprehensively explained.

Sporulation in Bacillus Subtilis

Initially, an overview of the sporulation process has been elaborated. Following this, sporulation regulation has been expansively elaborated. In the end, the curtains have been brought down by a mention of the expression of alternate sigma factors.

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