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D5vq1iqbs1u0kkp3novm 180727 s1 dildar mahwish overview and stages
Overview and Stages
Pnufgvrnqbampzzoq0hn 180727 s2 dildar mahwish cause and microscopic features
Cause and Microscopic Features
4gerotttsaayagfezfw4 180727 s3 dildar mahwish pathophysiology
Ubfojse6smgqfl63zeeo 180727 s4 dildar mahwish anti inflammatory mediators production
Anti-Inflammatory Mediators Production
Zyrsiky4tclnovnyt89w 180727 s5 dildar mahwish diagnosis and treatment
Diagnosis and Treatment

Lecture´s Description

Overview and Stages
In this lecture ´´Sepsis´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´Overview and Stages´´. Educator defines sepsis. Following this, its epidemiology is presented. After that stages of sepsis are explained. Then sepsis and septic shock comes under consideration. Lastly, systemic inflammatory response syndrome is highlighted.

Cause and Microscopic Features
Section two is about ‘’Cause and Microscopic Features’’. At first, risk factors are reported. Then information is delivered about infection that can lead to sepsis. After that microorganisms causing sepsis are discussed. In the end, microscopic features are pursued.

Section three is about ‘’Pathophysiology’’. In the beginning of this section educator highlights the balance of pro and anti-inflammatory mediators. After that illustration of inflammatory activity during sepsis is given. Then abnormal circulation and coagulation is exhibited. In the last slide, sequence of events in sepsis are reported.

Anti-Inflammatory Mediators Production
Section four is about ‘’Anti-Inflammatory Mediators Production’’. Educator’s first theme of discussion is organ systems producing anti-inflammatory mediators. Moreover, effects of sepsis on immune system is pursued.

Diagnosis and Treatment
Section five is about ‘’Diagnosis and Treatment’’. Educator tells about physiologic response to sepsis. Next focus is the organ system manifestations of sepsis. Then laboratory diagnosis of sepsis is carried out. After that lab values are reported. Lastly, information about treatment is revealed. 

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