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Temporomandibular Joint

The following lecture is devoted to the clarification of concept of Temporomandibular Joint. Section one is about the Overview of Temporomandibular Joint. It begins with the educator putting forth the Definition of this joint along with an explanation of its Articulation and the Type of Joint it is. The educator further highlights the Importance of it and elaborates on the Capsule which surround the Temporomandibular Joint along with a demonstration of its diagram.

Section two focuses on the Ligaments of Temporomandibular Joint. The educator comprehensively introduces different kindsog ligaments that this joint possesses such as the Lateral Temporomandibular Ligament, Sphenomandibular Ligament, and the Stylomandibular Ligament.

Articular Disc and Synovial Membrane
The prime focus of section three is the elucidation of Articular Disc and Synovial Membrane of Temporomandibular Joint. The educator starts off with covering the topic of the Articular Disc and explains elaborately its upper and lower surface. The educator then progresses to the discussion of Synovial Membrane and addresses the demonstration of Nerve Supply to the joint.

Section four accommodates the Characteristics of Temporomandibular Joint. First of all, the different Movements and Actions of TMJ joint are described. The educator then moves towards the explanation of Blood Supply to the joint which includes highlighting the various types of arteries aiding in blood supply to the joint. At the end of this section, the educator demonstrates various Age Changes in condyle, disc, synovial fold and blood vessels of joint that occur as a person gets older.

In section five the educator explains various relations of Temporomandibular Joint and focuses on its Anterior, Posterior, Lateral, Medial, Superior, and Inferior aspects. Following this is the explanation and demonstration of two disorders of TMJ joint which are Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation, where the educator lists out the symptoms of these disorders and their underlying processes.

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