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The Alcohols
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Acute Ethanol Consumption
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Chronic Ethanol Consumption
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Clinical Pharmacology of Ethanol
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Methanol and Ethylene Glycol

Lecture´s Description


This lecture is allocated to the explanation of the subject Alcohols. In section one, the educator begins with a comprehensive overview of Alcohol and progresses forward by explaining Long Term Health Effects of alcohol consumption. After this, the discussion of Basic Pharmacology of Ethanol and its Pharmacokinetics takes place. The educator then shifts over to the demonstration of Metabolic Pathways and explains the topic in complete detail.

Acute Ethanol Consumption

Section two is about Acute Ethanol Consumption and includes the discussion on how acute ethanol consumption effects CNS, Heart, and Smooth Muscles. Following this, the educator addresses the topic of Alcohol- Drug Interactions in comprehensive detail.

Chronic Ethanol Consumption

Section three refers to the topic of Chronic Ethanol Consumption and here the educator speaks about the affect of chronic ethanol consumption on Liver and GIT. The description of Nervous System - Tolerance and Dependence is also carried out followed by the explanation of adverse effects of alcohol consumption on Neurotoxicity, Cardiovascular System and Blood. Subsequently, the educator covers Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and how alcohol damages Immune System in addition to an Increased Risk of Cancer.

Clinical Pharmacology of Ethanol

Section four is regarding the Clinical Pharmacology of Ethanol. In this section, the educator highlights the Management of Acute Alcohol Intoxication and the Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome. Moreover, the author pursues the topic by explaining Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome and Treatment of Alcoholism, followed by a comprehensive introduction of different drugs used for this process such as Naltrexone, Acamprosate, Disulfiram, and some Other Drugs.

Methanol and Ethylene Glycol

Section five is concerning the topic of Methanol and Ethylene Glycol. The prime focus of the educator in this section is Methanol and to further explain this topic, the educator also discusses Methanol Toxicity and Treatment of Methanol Toxicity. The educator then puts forth detailed information about the metabolism of Ethylene Glycol and elucidates the different Stages of Overdose. Detailed Information regarding the drug Fomepizole used for treatment of ethylene glycol overdose is also given.  

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