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The Fungi
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Fungal Biology
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Lecture´s Description

Microbiology is the basic course at concerned with the structure, function, and classification of microorganisms and with ways of both exploiting and controlling their activities. follows standard medical book of microbiology that is “Prescott’s Microbiology” by Joanne M. Willey. In this lecture of Microbiology Abdul Wasay focuses on the detailed explanation of The Fungi. He divided the lecture into following five sections.

Fungal Biology

Earlier in this section, fungal distribution is focused. After that fungal industrial uses are discussed. Then fungal structure is elaborated. Likewise, information about fungal reproduction is given.


Section two is about ''Chytridiomycota''. At first, educator talks about uniqueness. Chytrids are unique among fungi in the production of a zoospore with a single, posterior, whiplash flagellum. Then habitat is discussed. Following this, morphology is elaborated.


Section three is about ''Zygomycota''. In the beginning, nature of Zygomycetes is explained. After that Rhizopus species is discussed. Lastly, information about human welfare is given. Educator tells that one species of Rhizopus is used in Indonesia to produce a food called tempeh from boiled, skinless soybeans.


Initially, educator talks about functional importance. After that differentiation is pursued. Then discussion continues on microsporida. Educator informs that microsporidia have the most confused taxonomic history.


Section five is about ''Ascomycota''. Educator begins by highlighting the importance. Then exhibit the cycle of reproduction in detail. Subsequently, basidiomycota is pursued. Educator tells that basidiomycetes are named for their characteristic structure or cell, the basidium, which is involved in sexual reproduction.

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