The Upper Arm

by Snober, Gull


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Lecture´s Description

In this video lecture educator describes The Upper Arm in detail. Initially the educator started with the explanation of Skin, Superficial sensory nerves, Supraclavicular nerves (C3,C4) of the upper arm. Upper arm is divided into anterior and posterior fascial compartments by fascial septa Then there comes the explanation of the Veins of Upper Arm. The superficial lymph vessels draining the superficial tissues of the upper arm pass upward to the axilla. Those from the lateral side of the arm follow the cephalic vein to the infraclavicular group of nodes those from medial side follow the basilica vein to the lateral group of axillary nodes. Then with the diagrams educator explained Fascial Compartments of Upper Arm, Contents of Anterior Fascial Compartment of the Arm, and origin, insertion, nerve supply and muscle action of Coracobrachialis Muscle, and Brachialis Muscle.

Then the educator explained how The brachial artery begins at the lower border of the terse majors a continuation of the axillary artery and the Branches of brachial artery. In the next three slides the origin, course and branches of the Musculocutaneous Nerve, Median Nerve, Radial Nerve and of the Ulnar Nerve are explained in detail. Muscle, Nerve supply to the muscle, Blood supply, Structures passing through the posterior compartment are the Contents of the Posterior Fascial Compartment of the Upper Arm.

Radial nerve is the main nerve supply to the posterior compartment. In the last section of this lecture educator explained the Radial Nerve Injuries. Radial nerve injuries are more common as compared to the musculocutaneous nerve injuries.

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Studies have shown that V-Learning™ increases student's learning and passing rate Significantly.

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