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Blood and Blood Products
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Blood Groups and Cross Matching
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Lecture´s Description

This V learning video majorly focuses on the transfusions? Our medical specialist, Dr Sannan Rehman has provided an in-depth elaboration of blood and blood products, perioperative red blood cell transfusion criteria, blood groups and cross matching. Furthermore, certain complications in cases of single and massive transfusions along with the blood substitutes have been explained in-detail.

Blood and Blood Products

The prime objective of this section is on the blood and blood products. Initially, whole blood, packed red blood cells along with the fresh-frozen plasma has been conversed about. Additionally, cryoprecipitate, platelets and polypharmacy considerations have been mentioned. In the end, prothrombin complex concentrates, and autologous blood has been explicated.


This section highlights certain indications. In the beginning, transfusion trigger has been explained quite comprehensively. Whereas, in the end our educator has elaborated the perioperative red blood cell transfusion criteria in tabular form. This covers a discussion on the blood phenotype, genotype, antigens and antibodies.

Blood Groups and Cross Matching

Firstly, ABO blood group system followed by rhesus system has been thoroughly explained. Furthermore, certain transfusion reactions including acute and delayed immunologic reactions along with the acute and delayed non-immunologic reactions. Conclusively, cross-matching has been delineated.


Initially, complications from a single and multiple transfusions has been explicated. Moving forward, our educator has talked about the management of coagulopathy. The educator summed up this section by shedding light on the various blood substitutes.

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