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Translation in Bacteria

Translational Machinery
In this lecture ´´Translation in Bacteria´´ is explained. Section one is about ´´Translational Machinery´´. Educator begins this section by explaining major characteristics of translation. After that ribosomal subunits are discussed. Then polysomes are pursued. The discussion continues on transfer RNA and amino acid activation. Educator explains amino acid activation in detail.

Initiation of Protein Synthesis
Section two is about ‘’Initiation of Protein Synthesis’’. Educator's prime focus is the elucidation of ribosome structure. Along with that roles of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) are discussed. Then initiation of protein synthesis is focused and comprehensively elaborated.

Elongation and Termination of Protein Synthesis
Section three is about ‘’Elongation and Termination of Protein Synthesis’’. Initially, elongation of polypeptide chain is discussed. After that aminoacyl tRNA binding is pursued. Transpeptidation is the next subject of discussion. This is followed by the explanation of translocation. Lastly, termination of protein synthesis is elucidated.

Protein Maturation and Secretion
Section four is about ‘’Protein Maturation and Secretion’’. Educator's first theme of discussion is protein folding and molecular chaperones. After that protein splicing is focused. Then protein translocation and secretion in bacteria comes under consideration.

Common Translocation and Secretion Systems
Section five is about ‘’Common Translocation and Secretion Systems’’. This section is started by explaining Sec (secretion) pathway. Following this, posttranslational translocation is discussed. Then co-translational translocation is highlighted. Furthermore, Tat (twin arginine translocase) system is reported. Finally, information is revealed about multiple secretion systems.

Arfeen, Zain
  • Academics: MS
  • Specialization: Biotechnology
  • Current: Research Scholar
  • University: NUST
  • Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Clinical / Teaching Years: 3 / 2
  • Course: Immunology
  • Course: Pharmacology 

Ms. Zain-ul-Arfeen completed her BS degree in Biotechnology from International Islamic University in 2014 and Technology and later on completed MS in Industrial Biotechnology from NUST in 2016.

She carried out her research in the field of nanotechnology focusing on Point of Care diagnostics and she also remained involved with research in the field of microbiology during her Masters. She has also participated in NUST based entrepreneurial competition with the idea of PapNostics that is built on paper based diagnostics of infections. Currently she is an MLS educator and is being involved in certain research activities at NUST.

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